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Crew Rules & Promotions

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Crew Rules & Promotions

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:50 am


SO-Captains discretion
FO-In addition to requirements of Officer you must have a broad experience in battle navigation, required to run pillages, hire crewmates, teach other players.
OFFICER-Must have broad in Carp, Sails and Bilge, demonstrate knowledge of the game/pillaging.
PIRATE-when hired
NOTE: If you were hired prior to 12/10/2008 your rank will not be affected, however, it is our hope you will meet the standard set above soon.

If SO, FO or Officer, is not fulfilling obligations to the crew and job requirements he/she will be subject to demotion.
Lack of respect for other players/or their property will result in demotion.

Begging for poe, Stealing, Excessive rudeness or harassment towards players.

There are some ships open for crew use, however, it is your responsibility to stock the ship. If you cannot afford to stock the ship set the ship to Greeter Pillage this will provide you with rum and cannonballs for the duration of your pilly and any items you win during battle you may sell at the conclusion of your pilly. The unlocked ships are for practice. Your goal should be to eventually purchase a ship for your personal use.


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